Outdoor Activity Set:

  • Jet Tennis and Trampoline Ball:  Play with a family member and see how many you can pass back and forth in a row!

  • Halo Frisbee:  Go for distance or accuracy! If you have space outside see who can throw the frisbee the furthest. If space is limited, set a target and try to loop the frisbee around it.

  • Silicone Laces:  Wear your laces while running/walking one mile this week or ten times around the house each tday.

  • Crush Bottle:  Drink one full bottle EVERY day this week! Be sure to keep track!

  • Rev Copter:  Spin the rev copter in the air and try to do ten jumping jacks before the disc hits the ground. If not ten, how many can you get?!



Indoor Activity Set:


Do a timed trick-shot challenge course with the whole indoor pack. SET UP YOUR TRICK-SHOT COURSE...HIT THE TIMER ... AND:

  • Hero Steps:  Make sure you are wearing your watch to track your healthy habits. Watch your digital character grow as you drink water, eat fruits and veggies, and stay active.

  • Gear Tower:  Use the gear building blocks to design a tower. Set the tower across the room...

  • Vortex Air Rider:  Use this fun throwing toy to knock your tower down...

  • Pop Flinger: See how far you can throw this indoor frisbee down the hallway...

  • Boomerang ball:  Throw it out and catch it 3 times in a row

Family member who completes the course in the fastest time wins!